Industrial Action set to take place as negotiations break down

I am sure many of you will have heard through various media outlets that the contract negotiations have broken down and independent mediation in the form of ACAS has proven ineffective.

There has been a significant lull over the Christmas period whilst talks have taken place and a loss of momentum however the issues that caused outrage amongst our entire profession have not gone away.

Just to recap the contract dispute centres on the following points:-

  1. Loss of contractual safeguards preventing excessive hours

  2. Removal of annual pay increments

  3. Loss of pay progression for those taking maternity/academic leave from NHS practice

  4. Redefinition of ‘plain time’ (normal rate pay) to 7am – 10pm Mon – Sat (currently 7am – 7pm Mon – Fri)

  5. Threat of contract imposition without the BMA contract negotiation team’s sign off.

Industrial action is now set to take place on the following dates

  1. 12th January – 13th January – Emergency care model 24 hours 08:00 – 08:00

  2. 26th January – 28th January – Emergency care model 48 hours 08:00 – 08:00

  3. 10th February – Complete withdrawal of labour 9 hours 08:00 – 17:00

I have queried the motives behind the ICM survey last month and have assurances that data from it was not used during negotiations nor will it be at the present time. Contractual changes to for example non-resident on calls would hit our specialty hard but not effect resident and larger specialties (e.g. Medicine and General Surgery) and I was keen for the results of the survey not to be used as bargaining chips in the negotiations.

I shall continue to keep you updated as information becomes apparent however limited information is available to members of the multi-specialty working group.

A good resource from the BMA is the OneProfession website below:-


Best wishes

James Shelton

BMA Observer