Core Surgical Training Committee Meeting

It was confirmed that the new CST curriculum will not be implemented this August, but will instead be deferred until August 2017. The new ‘modular’ curriculum is beginning to take shape and has generally been accepted by all parties. This will result in new core learning objectives with additional specialty specific objectives for each rotation.

‘Bootcamps’ will be rolled out for all core surgical trainees starting in August 2016.

HEE have refused permission for CSTC to obtain figures on fill rates for this year’s core surgical training application process. Overall it was deemed to be a ‘less competitive process this year’.

There will be further reduction in numbers of posts for CST.

CT2 progression data has been collected however remains incomplete. The CSTC are working on this and plan to utilise GMC records.

Irish trainees who were previously potentially disadvantaged on ST3 application due to the number of Work Based Assessments required are no longer so as the scoring system has now changed.

Oli Shastri

BOTA Junior Rep