BSCOS Medical Student Bursary

British Society for Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery

Medical Student Bursary

The purpose of this Bursary is to support a medical undergraduate who is an associate member with costs up to £500 with the following activities;

  1. Organising an elective placement relevant to the practice of children’s orthopaedic surgery. 

  2. Presenting a paper relevant to the practice of children’s orthopaedic surgery at a national or international meeting.

The applicant must apply to the Honorary Secretary and include:

  1. Letters of support from; Medical School supervisor and Member of BSCOS in good standing

  2. Details of the proposed period of elective study/details of the meeting at which the work will be presented with details of accepted abstract and confirmation of podium/poster presentation.

  3. The proposed budget.

  4. Full disclosure of financial support from other sources.

Details of associate membership can be obtained from the society website and applications made to; secretary@bscos.org.uk.

BSCOS support must be acknowledged in the Elective Report or at the beginning or end of the presentation.

Applications for bursaries to be awarded at any given year’s annual spring meeting should be submitted electronically to the Hon Secretary by 1st February of the same year.

The successful applicant will be informed in advance of, and whenever possible would attend the BSCOS annual spring meeting of the same year to be presented with the bursary.

The recipient must commit to present the work for which the Bursary has been awarded at the subsequent annual spring meeting of the Society, if invited with appropriate advance notification.

If you wish to apply for a bursary please contact secretary@bscos.org.uk.

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