British Orthopaedic Surveillance Study (BOSS) Study

British Orthopaedic Surveillance Study (BOSS) Study is a nationwide NIHR study for which we are seeking the input from orthopaedic trainees. BOSS will collect all cases of orthopaedic rare diseases (initially Perthes’ disease and Slipped Epiphysis) over a 1 year period in a nationwide cohort. Case details will be entered anonymously with no need for patient consent. It has nationwide NHS R&D approval from the Health Research Authority, and nationwide ethics approval.  Now we need the involvement of the trainees…..and it really is simple! Trainees will notify cases that they see via a mobile app – it takes less than 1 minute to notify a case. Each month (for the duration of the study) all of the trainees volunteering data will have to enter something – even if it is ‘no cases to report’. An e-mail will be sent to check the completeness of the reporting (i.e. the e-mail may ask you to confirm that you have seen 1 new case of Perthes’, and no new cases of SCFE etc).  All the trainees who participate will be included in the collaborative group on the paper, and will have a certificate detailing their involvement in national research.

Trainee registration for BOSS Study is via a form – available here – http://tinyurl.com/jbe85df

BOSS Leaflet


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