BOTA Medical Student Elective Prize Winners 2021/22

We are pleased to announce the BOTA medical student elective bursary award winners for 2021/22. The calibre of applications this year was incredibly high and after much deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the winners for this year's prize are Azizi Sheik-Ali and Joshua Rui Yen Wong. Azizi and Joshua plan to undertake electives in Massacheusets General Hospital, USA, Whittington Hospital, UK and National University Hospital of Singapore, respectively. Winners will be individually contacted shortly to arrange for the award of £250.

We thank all our applicants for their efforts and have no doubt that the future is bright in the field of orthopaedics having read through the interests and motivations of medical students pursuing such speciality. We wish all the students successful electives this summer!

Abhinav Singh (Academic Representative) and Khadija Mahmoud (Medical Student Representative)