BOTA Leadership Course 2016 – Report

Each year, our Linkmen work tirelessly to act as the first point of contact for BOTA members across the country. It is only via their hard work, both in letting BOTA know what is going on locally and disseminating news from BOTA, that BOTA can do its best work, improving training and being a voice for its members.

It was therefore an absolute pleasure for BOTA to run the 2nd BOTA Leadership Course, this year run in conjunction with the North West NHS Leadership Academy. This course is free for our Regional representatives, BOTA Linkmen (or allocated deputies), of which 22 were in attendance.

This entirely free interactive event was aimed at looking at our own leadership styles and behaviours. We then went on to explore the concept of leadership in a tiered process, covering leadership in terms of improving our mind set, skill sets and leadership strategies.

It was a packed room, with representatives from across the UK, each with their own styles, strengths and weaknesses – all of whom took something away from the day, which made them a better leader, trainee and surgeon.

The day was a roaring success, with lively discussions and multiple take home messages, which practically translated into usable, real-life, work skills.

The day ended with the Linkmen Dinner, another opportunity to compare and contrast the national trainee issues; BOTA cannot thank enough its Linkmen, membership and the NW Leadership Academy (specifically, Gill, Amy, and Kay) for their engagement in this course.

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