BOA Training Standards Committee Meeting – March 2016

March saw the return of TSC, with potential curriculum changes high on the agenda, particularly the addition of Necrotizing Fasciitis as a new Critical CBD and a mandatory CEX for Trauma Calls (which should be achievable at ATLS). A new raft of PBAs have already arrived on ISCP, as validated by specialist societies, but more recent curriculum changes will likely occur with the advent of ISCP version 10. The launch date for the latest ISCP version is still awaited, but watch this space for more information. Review of indicative numbers will be taking place in the near future, with the use of a more transparent process. T&O also continues to be a forerunner in terms of assessment and education, with on-going development of Entrustable Professional Activities and Generic Professional Capabilities, which can be used to guide AES reports in the future, rather than being another “tick box” exercise.

I hope to see you all at the BOTA Educational Congress in June (see the website for more details!) but as always, please get in touch if you have any queries. D

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