BOA Education Committee Meeting Report – 18th June 2018

This was the first meeting of the BOA education committee that I have managed to attend in person since taking up the role of Education rep. Unfortunately, with all the previous meetings, I have been unable to swap out of night shifts and had to just Skype in. This meeting contained a few topics relevant to trainees and I have tried to summarise them below.

BOA Bootcamps

The first bootcamp took place a week ago in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The aim of the course was to provide an ‘enhanced induction’ programme to trainees whose deanery are unable to provide one. The course included 2 days of cadaveric skills and 2 days of human factors training. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from delegates and the trainers involved are now looking at small tweaks that can be made to improve the programme. The next trial is due to run in October and will be advertised soon. At present the course is fully subsidised by Zimmer Biomet and the BOA are hopeful of keeping the course free but this will depend upon securing funding going forward.

BOA Instructional Course

The instructional course has been tweaked for 2019. It has been reduced to one day and will focus on subspecialty updates for the FRCS and some key case based discussions for delegates portfolios. It is due to run in January and the BOA will be advertising places soon.


As some may already know the Wikipaedics project has been cancelled by the BOA. This was done very reluctantly given the level of work that people had put in to the project so far. However, the BOA were advised that both financially and legally the project was unlikely to succeed due to the potential conflict of name and issues with copyrighting of images and content. The material that has been produced by contributors will be released back to sub-specialty organisations and may still be published in another format.


The BOA have been working very hard to ensure that this years UKITE exam is not hampered by the same problems as last years fiasco. They have changed host server provider to a company able to provide greater capacity to try and avoid the slowing we experienced last year. They have also extended the number of days the exam will be taken over to try and avoid spikes in user numbers. The system has been stress tested and the BOA are reassured that things should run smoothly. We also discussed the validation of questions. The BOA have a database of validated questions and this increases every year. They are also looking at seeking statistical support to ensure questions are acting as suitable discriminators between good and poor candidates, this should be done by the December exam.

Cut it Out

Work on this project continues and the results of a recent member survey are going to be incorporated into an article. The BOA are also looking at engaging with the RCS Edinburgh who have an excellent anti-bullying campaign. We highlighted the need to continue pushing this subject as buy in from the wider Orthopaedic community has been poor. This is an area where a cultural change is needed but it is likely to be slow in coming.

If anyone has any questions about the above or would like more details then please feel free to email me.