BOA Education and Revalidation Committee Report

BOA Education & Revalidation Committee

Royal College of Surgeons of England

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Matthew Brown

As BOTA’s representative for education, I attend the BOA’s Education Committee, more formally known as the Education & Revalidation Committee. A brief summary of the committee’s current work relevant to our membership is included below.


Paul Banaszkiewicz  (Newcastle) and colleagues continue to coordinate and gather content for inclusion on the Wikipaedics website. The will be a Wikipaedics focus group for trainees on the final day of the BOTA Educational Congress in November, which will review example CBD content. The costs of the website are going to be met by industry.

ST3 Bootcamps

Pilot bootcamp-style courses for trainees during their ST3 year will take place in June and September 2018. Theses pilots will take place in Newcastle initially and will be open to a limited number of ST3 trainees. In 2019 the bootcamp will be expanded to four courses, likely held in venues in the north and south of the UK. The pilot program will include 2 days of non-technical skills training and 2 days of cadaveric teaching covering anatomy and common surgical approaches. The cost is being met by industry. The courses are aimed at trainees from regions that do not provide cadaveric training and are not meant to compete with ST3 courses already provided by training regions, for example in the Severn Deanery.

Clinical Leaders Program

The BOA’s Clinical Leaders Program, a 1-year leadership program comprised of masterclasses, tutorials and expert coaching (held over four weekends), is open to ST8+ trainees and newly appointed consultants and SAS surgeons. The 2017/18 cohort totals 32 fellows.

Medico-legal training

Proposition to include medico-legal training, including consent, in the work of Ed Comm. The risk of being used in the first 2 years of consultant practice is high. Professor David Warwick (Southampton) will deliver a talk highlighting recent important advances since Montgomery at the BOA Instructional in January.

BOA Mentoring

The incidence of GMC investigations are highest during the first two years of a consultant’s career. A voluntary opt-in mentorship scheme will be established for new consultants with consultant mentors recruited on a voluntary basis.

BOA Instructional

Delegate registration for the 2018 BOA Instructional is open and the program will include the following CBDs: periarticular foot and ankle fractures, pelvic and acetabular fractures, physiology of trauma (polytrauma and non-union), cauda equina and soft tissue sarcoma. Lectures will cover knee dislocations, consent and tribology.

Medical student engagement

The BOA is committed to engaging medical students and sixth form students. It was acknowledged that exposure to T&O at medical school was inadequate, especially considering the case mix in general practice and emergency medicine, both areas targeted for increased recruitment by the government. Too few undergraduate sessions are allocated to T&O with some regions providing just 3 weeks combined with rheumatology. Paul Lee (Grantham) presented strategies for engaging medical students in T&O from his experiences training in the Welsh Deanery and establishing the ‘WelshBone’ medical student initiative. In addition to providing exposure to T&O, the initiative facilitates research collaboration between post-FRCS registrars and medical students to publish in T&O journals.

The medical student day at the BOA Congress was recognised as a success. Sudeep Biswas (Imperial College) won the medical student essay prize and joins the committee as the inaugural Ed Comm medical student representative for a period of 12 months. A medical student discussion group was convened at the BOA Congress and they discussed the needs of undergraduates with an interest in T&O. The discussion highlighted a need for mentorship and a list of local contacts in the profession who could provide access and advice to local projects and educational opportunities. An online repository for medical student T&O elective reports would also be appreciated.

Student essay prize for 2018 was announced at the BOA Congress and details can be found on the BOA medical student webpages.

Cut It Out / Hammer It Out

The working group (comprising BOA and BOTA representation) will prepare a survey to be distributed to all BOA members that will explore individual experiences of bullying, harassment and undermining. Examples will the invited and these will form the basis of future educational programs for trainees, trainers and other T&O healthcare professionals.

The next meeting will be held in December 2017.