BOA Council Meeting – Report from September 2016

The President of BOTA (Simon Fleming) attended this meeting and the hot topics were as follows


The dates for UKITE in 2016 are the 9th-16th December and emails with logins and passwords should be out to all BOA members (and anyone who wishes to pay the fee) soon

FORTE Summer School

Forte recently ran their first summer school, held in Portugal. The course was assessed by three UK T&O SpRs. Though the content was found to be excellent, it was felt that it wasn’t quite yet at an FRCS level. FORTE are deciding exactly how to take the summer school forward, both in terms of content development, faculty and delivery of materials. Assuming it continues, it is likely that the BOA will offer some sort of competition or Fellowship to allow UK trainees to access this new and unique resource.

BOA Instructional

The BOA Instructional Course will be held in Manchester on the 7th and 8th January 2016. The content is absolutely perfect for those revising for the exam, with a focus on Spine and Trauma. There will be, as always, an opportunity to achieve Critical CBDs for ones ISCP as well, with a stellar faculty to boot!

Women in Surgery and the BOTA Census

Both the sessions that were run at the BOA Congress and the issues themselves were discussed at Council.

It was apparent to all present that both these issues are inextricably linked and both need tacking. The BOTA Census demonstrated once and for all that they are areas, such as bullying, harassment and undermining that are still present in T&O, in our culture and our workplace and that it happens across the country, in settings such as ARCP and Trauma meetings (to name a few). Equally, the Women in Surgery session echoed these findings, with medical students and trainees giving examples of where T&O falls down when it comes to equality and appropriate work based behaviours.

So it was that the HammerItOut campaign was born – a BOTA/BOA initiative to stamp out these behaviours, via as many possible routes as we can muster. There has been great support from the TPDs and BOA so…fingers crossed!