BOA Council Meeting – 16/12/2015

The final BOA Council meeting of the year was held. The agenda included some interesting developments including a presentation from Ro Kulkarni on how NHS trusts are paid for activity using ICD-10 codes for diagnosis, combined with OPCS codes for procedures to produce HRG codes for activity. Unfortunately, this system needs updating as the reference costs for treatment in the NHS has increased. The BOA and representatives are involved in the T&O side of things. GIRFT has been rolled out in Scotland and Wales. No formal report has been produced as yet.

There was an extensive discussion on the role and future of registries and consultant-level performance data. I can reassure our members that the BOA is doing a lot of work in this area to ensure that meaningful and accurate data is used responsibly and openly. Some of you may be aware that the Royal College of Surgeons (England) has launched Project 2020 where the Nuffield building of the College will be sold off to pay for a new Barry building (main bit with the nice entrance) to be built. The RCS is planning to decant all surgical societies inc the BOA in 2017 for 3 years whilst this work is done. Much discussion was had as to what the future building will be used for and what facilities will be available to members.

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