BMA Update on Shape of Training – 25/02/2016

Whilst the junior doctor contact imposition continues to grab headlines the progression of the shape of training report into a clinical manifestation continues with mixed feelings across different specialties.

Both myself and the ASIT president Rhiannon Harris have voiced our strong concerns regarding the shortening of training, reduction in the scope of training and leaving any form of subspecialisation to post Completion of Specialty Training (CST) ‘credentialing’ modules, the funding for which remains very unclear.

Paediatrics and Medicine all seemed reasonable subscribed to the principles put out in SHoT for their specialties however whilst the paediatricians do exit their training as a general paediatrician able to do neonatal ICU up to transitional medicine for adolescents most medics get their CCT in a subspecialty (gastroenterology, cardiology etc.) so will in fact run into the same issues we have done in surgery.

There are currently no known plans to implement a pilot for a general trauma surgical training programme due to our Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) rejecting the idea. The process of SHoT has spread deep mistrust between DH, RCSEng and our trainee organisations and frankly it would not surprise me if a work stream does open in the near future for Trauma & Orthopaedics as well.

Shape is something we must remain vigilant about and continue to support ASIT in their fight against the potential imposition of the ‘emergency surgery’ pilot. BOTA remains committed to protecting your training as an orthopaedic surgeon.

James Shelton

BMA Specialty Observer