BASK Revision Knee Replacement: Priority Setting Partnership (PSP)

Help us guide future research about problematic knee replacements

The British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) are running a PSP in partnership with the James Lind Alliance (JLA). The aim of this process is to bring patients, carers together with a range of healthcare professionals. We want all groups to highlight uncertainties relating to the assessment, management and rehabilitation of ‘patients with a problematic knee replacement’. We will thereby identify future research questions and ultimately publish a list of ‘top 10 research priorities’. This will guide funders for future research.

What can you do to help? 

If you have experience of problematic knee replacements as a carer or professional: TELL US THE TOP 3 QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANSWERED BY FUTURE RESEARCH.

The survey goes live on Monday 10th September 2018.

Thank you in advance,

Johnny Mathews

BASK Research Fellow/Project co-ordinator  

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