ASiT’s Annual Presidents Forum – 10/12/2015

The Association of Surgeons in Training held their annual Presidents Forum which included most of the surgical trainee societies’ Presidents. There was a good discussion about the future of Shape of Training in surgical training, the JCST fee, and surgeon-specific outcomes publication.

This was an interesting meeting that generated some lively discussion about the JCST fee specifically. Many felt that this fee was quite high and noted a 3-year increase, which was announced by the JCST under the chairmanship of Mr Ian Eardley. Recent events have noted that ISCP may be updated to allow trainers to use it for the purposes of revalidation. Many felt that if this became a feature, it should be offset by being paid for by Trainers rather than trainee fees.

What do you think about the JCST fee? Would you like BOTA to raise the fee as a point of concern with the JCST? Please email Mustafa.rashid@me.com and share your thoughts.