Announcing OrthoEvidence Access for BOTA Members

On behalf of BOTA and OrthoEvidence, we are happy to announce that we have acquired unlimited access to OrthoEvidence (OE) for all BOTA members.

OE’s database has over 3,100 high impact evidence summaries from more than 360 journals of the highest-quality research published in orthopaedics.  The summaries help users get to the information they need within seconds, and critically appraise the quality of the research with their risk of bias and reporting appraisal scores. Evidence-based decisions can be made with confidence using the ACE Reports on OE as all content is based around Level 1 trials which are likely to impact practice.

Upon sign-up, you can customize your experience based on your area of interest, and you will begin receiving updates on all of the best evidence to your email. Whether you are sitting the FRCS examination and need the highest quality evidence regarding common Orthopaedic conditions presented in a succinct manner, or a trainee wishing to spend time keeping up to date with the latest level 1 evidence published in your field of interest, OE has you covered. Content on OE is used by over 14,000 practitioners around the world to remain current, save time, and create their own practice guidelines, and is free for you courtesy of BOTA.

To Make an OrthoEvidence account is easy! Follow these steps, or click on the link below!

1. Visit www.myorthoevidence.com 2. Click on “Join” in the top right hand corner 3. Enter your information and the promo code: ********** 4. Enter a few more pieces of information to customize your experience and you are all done!

If you have not already received the promo code via email please contact us @ web@bota.org.uk

Check our our 2 minute introduction video.OrthoEvidence also has a mobile app available free at the iTunes Store!

What is OE Video
What is an ACE Report Video.