A Statement on The Shape of Training Reform and How it Will Affect Surgical Training

It may come as a surprise to many of you that the Shape of Training reform, coordinated nationally by a steering group, is moving forward to consider implementation within surgical training in the UK. Work was commissioned by Health Education England to the Royal College of Surgeons (England) to consider how this latest reform to surgical training may be piloted and ultimately implemented across the UK. BOTA and ASiT have been working together to represent the voice of surgical trainees in the UK regarding proposals on implementing the Shape of Training Review in surgical specialities.

BOTA President, Mustafa Rashid, has co-authored a document with the ASiT President (Miss Rhiannon Harries), regarding our concerns on the recommendations proposed. A version was sent to the chair of the Improving Surgical Training (IST) Group, Mr Ian Eardley, as part of our response to the draft report produced in September 2015.  The full document and the proposed recommendations by the Royal College of Surgeons “Improving Surgical Training” Group are linked below (please note that BOTA is unfortunately unable to share the complete document with our members at this time). 

We will endeavour to keep you all updated with what we feel is an important issue for surgeons in training and welcome any feedback or comments (please email president@bota.org.uk).

ASiT /BOTA statement on SHoT Recommendations in Surgery

RCS Eng IST Recommendations

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