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There's no need to spend a fortune on good quality Otrhopaedic education! Thanks to a speciality community full of dedicated, resourceful and innovative surgeons, theres a host of free (or limited cost) resouruces available for everyone interested in Orthopaedics to access. 


Free Yoga

Free education for all. Webinars, lectures and podcasts

Free Yoga

Spine Dragon

Spine specific educational resource containing a section with presentations for both postgraduate and undergraduate education in common spinal pathology

Free Yoga

AO Trauma Reference

The ultimate tool to supplement and consolidate orthopaedic trauma operative experience. The AO trauma website is an excellent resource, outlining both surgical approaches and procedural techniques for common trauma procedures

Free Yoga

BOAST Guidelines

BOAST guidelines – key both for practice and for exam questions.

Free Yoga

Foot and Ankle Hyperbook

Great resource from the East Lancashire team to take you through all the key foot and ankle topics. Clear discussion of each condition along with identification of key papers.

Free Yoga


A website dedicated to consent for common orthopaedic procedures

Free Yoga


Shoulder specific educational resource containing a professional education section reviewing common shoulder pathology

Free Yoga

BSSH Hand Injury Triage Guidelines App

Lots of useful information on BSSH site, including this app for the initial assessment and management of hand trauma.

Free Yoga

Radiology Assistant

Useful website to help with those pesky radiology questions. The section on bone tumours is particularly good.

Free Yoga


Orthobullets is the wikipaedia of orthopaedics and a brilliant resource for topic summaries and also exam preparation with MCQs.



Insights into the careers of leaders and luminaries in the field of Paediatric Orthopaedics worldwide, exploring relevant topics including updated research, education, physician wellness and international fellowship opportunities.

see one / do one

A light-hearted and irreverent podcast discussing aspects of trauma and orthopaedics. May contain naughty words so listen with discretion.

RSM Orthopaedic Section Podcast

This podcast features global experts and key opinion leaders discussing innovation, progress and current practice within their subspecialties.

Orthobullets Podcast

Daily podcast on Orthobullet topics

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