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Proposer's supporting statement:

I am nominating Karen for the role of Culture Diversity rep on the BOTA committee. Having worked professionally with Karen, she is an amazing colleague and great communicator and know her to be a person of integrity and excellent work ethic. She puts the needs of her patients and colleagues above herself and is truly selfless.


She is passionate about improving diversity and inclusion in orthopaedics and surgery and has been actively involved in diversity improvement work with the RCS England and NHS London. She has featured in significant diversity discussions at organisational level and has been a face for diversity for the BOA. She is a keen advocator for equal opportunities regardless of sexual orientation and race taking an active stance in reducing discrimination in the work place.


Karen brings teamwork and leadership skills to the role from her experiences as the Stanmore Rotation Communications Officer and organizer of regional surgical events. I believe she will be a valuable addition to the BOTA committee, and fantastic representative for diversity, inclusion and culture within orthopaedics

Nominee: Karen Chui

Proposer: Oliver Adebayo

Nominee: Apoorva Khajuria

Proposer: Mohammedabbas Remtulla

Proposer's supporting statement:

Improving culture and diversity in Orthopaedics is an ongoing mission for which having a dedicated diversity and culture representative is a great start. Apoorva is well suited to this role as she is passionate about inclusion and diversity. She has presented at local and national women in surgery events and acts as a great role model forfuture women in Orthopaedic surgery, having most recently ranked first in the country during this year’s ST3 national selection cycle!

Apoorva does not shy away from discussion amongst her peers on personal beliefs and misconceptions about race and gender bias. Working in Birmingham has allowed Apoorva to experience an ethnically diverse cohort of patients and colleagues and it is encouraging to see her willingness to learn about different cultures. On discussion with Apoorva, she is keen to establish a stronger willingness to learn about culture and diversity by tackling inequality/discrimination at grass roots (imbedding of culture and diversity into the medical school curricula) and at more senior consultant level through education and discussion. Her idea to develop an anonymous helpline will give a more powerful voice to those that are less likely to let their voices be heard. 

A culture & diversity representative like Apoorva will ensure that inclusion and non-discrimination are at the forefront of the BOTA agenda next year and that we continue to attract and retain the brightest in the profession through greater diversity and acceptance.

Nominee: Silvester Kabwama

Proposer: Kriti Singhania

Proposer's supporting statement:

I would like to nominate Silvester Kabwama for the role of BOTA Culture and Diversity Rep. He is an ST5 soon to be ST6 in the East of England. He is hard working, approachable and driven. He is passionate about ensuring that all trainees are provided with equal opportunities and about encouraging inclusivity and diversity within Trauma and Orthopaedics. He was the African Caribbean Society president at University and had the responsibility of helping welcome these students into the wider university family. He was also involved in the RCS outreach programme for skills working on encouraging and helping children from under represented societies pursue a career in medicine. He is a strong advocate for medical education and making this available to all. These are only a few of his passion projects and I am confident he will be a great asset to BOTA and it’s trainees in this new role


Nominee: Alex Ward

Proposer: Chris Lewis

Alex has a long history of local, regional and national representative and leadership positions. In particular she was the first advocacy director for Sexpression UK, so is familiar will establishing a new role, and ensuring its longevity for successors. She has been involved with training at all grades from medical student mentoring, to setting up a core trainee mentor scheme to national collaborative research studies involving numerous registrars and consultants.

She is effective at working with different organisations in a mutually beneficial manner and will do a fantastic job in representing British trauma and orthopaedic surgeons in training at BMA meetings

Nominee: Talal Al-Jabri

Proposer: Oliver Adebayo

I propose Talal Al-Jabri as the BMA Rep for BOTA. 

Talal is a post-FRCS, Senior Trainee on the Stanmore rotation in London. He is passionate about improving matters related to all trainees. Talal is an excellent team player and is able to negotiate on serious issues in a calm and constructive way. He has ample experience that the committee will benefit from which includes matters related to the 2015 junior doctors contracts and current issues related to the COVID-19 terms and conditions in our contracts. A vote for Talal will be a vote to protect and improve your training

Nominee: Apoorva Khajuria

Proposer: Mohammedabbas Remtulla

Apoorva has previously held a national role in the BMA and successfully led a group of medical students to debate key motions at the annual national medical students committee meeting. She loves to teach and mentor junior colleagues; this is evident from her daily clinical activities as well as the time she takes out to help foundation doctors with their portfolios and exam preparation. Apoorva has always been a champion for trainingand during the Christmas COVID-19 peak she flagged up trainee related concerns at various regional forums and meetings and made the best of a challenging and disheartening situation. This led to her nomination for theLearning From Excellence award.

Apoorva communicates effectively within the team ensuring smooth running of operations; not only does this allow deliver of efficient clinical care but a sense of comradery and support. She is a great presenter and will be able to convey trainee standpoints on key matters with professionalism and integrity. Apoorva always has the interests of junior and senior trainees at heart which is why she will make a great BOTA BMA rep. 

Nominee: David Ferguson

Proposer: Frank Acquaah

I have worked with David since 2018 and can attest to his commitment to trauma & orthopaedic surgery. He is excellent in team situations and is a real team player. He is also a very skilled trainer and completely invests himself in supporting his junior colleagues. I know he would be an excellent fit for this role. 

David will also be able to help support and promote BOTA on an international level. For the next 6 months David will cycle around the world and will visit 10 global orthopaedic centres on his journey in North and South America, sub-Saharan Africa and India. If elected to the BOTA committee David will share the work of BOTA across international centres, learn from practices in other countries, and raise the profile of British trainees on a global scale. 

I am pleased to nominate David for the role of BOTA BMA representative

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