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The syllabus course

Dr Rishi


The syllabus course


Registrars or residents wanting to supplement their core knowledge


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What is The syllabus course?
A Pre-recorded 35-week course, covering the KNOWLEDGE component of the FRCS exam. It is lecture based, delivered by Dr Rishi and numerous worldwide specialist consultant educators, all experts in their field and FRCS teaching and comprehensive, covering all your knowledge needs for parts 1 and 2. It also consists of access to a personalised education portal and weekly MCQ tests and end of course mock exam.

Who is it suitable for?
• Registrars or residents wanting to supplement their core knowledge
• Those taking parts 1 and 2 needing the knowledge base of the exam
• International FRCS

What is the format?
Pre-recorded 35-week lecture-based course which you can work through at your own pace. Access to personalised education portal with all seminal papers and guidelines needed for the exam. It also contains access to original MCQs (multiple choice questions) weekly and an end-of-course mock FRCS exam, in the exact format of the part 1 exam. Dr Rishi will keep a record of all your scores weekly and the end of course score giving you personalised performance-based feedback, making this a comprehensive and unrivalled course for core knowledge.

Further Details
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