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This is the recently amended BOTA Constitution.


The name of the association shall be “British Orthopaedic Trainees Association”.


To promote and improve the standards of orthopaedic training in the United Kingdom and to represent the interests of Trainees in Orthopaedic Surgery in the UK.


Full membership is open to those who are, at the time of application, a trainee in an SAC recognised training post in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in the British Isles or are Consultants of less than two years standing.

Junior membership is open to all trainees from graduation onwards who are, at the time of application, in a recognised training post in any branch of medical practice. From 2016, junior membership will be extended to medical students.

Further applications may be considered at the discretion of the executive committee.


There shall be an Annual General Meeting.

Business Meetings may be held on other occasions decided by the Committee.

The President shall call a Special Business Meeting within 28 days of receiving a request, signed by no fewer than thirty members specifying the nature of the business.

Thirty Members shall form a quorum at Business Meetings.

Executive committee and officers

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and between eight and twelve elected Members.

The Officers of the Committee shall be Members of the Association. There should be a President, Vice President, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary. The Officers must have served as members of the Executive Committee.

Two members of the Association shall sponsor candidates for election as Officers or Executive Committee members. The candidate can be proposed in absentia but the proposer and seconder must both be present at the meeting. The candidate and the proposer will have the opportunity to speak briefly prior to the election.

The Officers and Committee members shall be elected annually by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting. Terms of Office shall start on the last day of the Annual General Meeting. Some posts may be held for two years at the discretion of the executive committee. The President shall serve for one year.

The President shall preside at Executive Committee meetings; in their absence the President shall appoint a deputy. If the President ceases to hold office during the term the Committee shall appoint a deputy. The proceedings of Executive Committee meetings shall be minuted by the Honorary Secretary (or a deputy).

Six voting members shall form a quorum at Executive Committee meetings.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to request the resignation of any member deemed by them to have been guilty of conduct contrary to the interests of the Association. Any member whose resignation is requested by the committee shall be suspended until the next business meeting when they shall have the right to appeal and enter a defence. The committee shall state the reasons for suspension and the majority vote of the members at that business meeting shall be final.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to amend the composition of the Committee. Amendments shall be notified at the Annual General Meeting and the majority vote of the members at that meeting shall be final.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt anyone who may assist in their work to attend or represent the Committee. Co-opted members of the Executive shall not have voting rights.

A newly elected committee shall have the right, at their discretion, to ask the outgoing President to remain on the Executive Committee for a further one year in the post of ‘Past President’, to offer support and advice to the new committee.

Regional Representatives

Each Regional Training Program in Orthopaedic Surgery is entitled to elect a representative who acts as a link between the BOTA membership and the Executive.

Subscriptions and finances

The committee shall determine subscriptions and changes shall be approved by a majority vote at a business meeting. No member shall be entitled to any of the privileges of the association while their subscription is in arrears. In the event of it remaining unpaid for two years they shall automatically cease to be a member.

The financial year shall extend from 1st June to 31st May inclusive. The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for producing an annual report of the finances to the Annual General Meeting.

The Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and President shall be authorised signatories for the Associations finances. No member shall incur any expense on behalf of the Association without the written authority of an Officer.

Alteration of rules

The Constitution and Rules shall only be altered by a vote of at least two-thirds of those members present at a Business Meeting. The Honorary Secretary shall despatch notice of every proposed alteration to all members not less than fourteen days before than the date of the meeting. Fifty Members shall form a quorum at a meeting convened to alter the Constitution and Rules of the Association.

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