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Oliver Adebayo

Web Coordinator

As BOTA Web Coordinator, Oliver is responsible for the BOTA’s creating and updating BOTA’s website and developing BOTA’s overall web and technology strategy. He is the main point of contact for all website related issues.
He has a subspeciality interest in both limb Reconstruction and sports medicine as well as a passion for global surgery. He was a founding member and on the committee for the Global Anaesthesia, Surgical and Obstetric Collaboration, a trainee advocacy group for global surgery since 2015. Now he currently serves as an active member of an orthopaedic outreach charity called MOTEC Life and has carried out trips to west Africa assisting in both clinical and educational projects. At home, he is active within his rotation, having set up the RNOH (Stanmore) rotation website and currently serves as the rotation teaching coordinator. He has a MSc in Surgical Innovation from Imperial and has a developed a keen interest in quality

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