We are delighted to announce the launch of two fully funded pilot Training Interface Group (TIG) fellowships in Spinal surgery:

  • The fellowships will be pilot fellowships.
  • Applicants will be pre CCT trainees and will require to apply for Out of programme training recognition for the period of the fellowship (OOPT).
  • All fellowships will be regulated by the JCST and will be administered by the Severn deanery under the auspices of the Interface Training Oversite Group (ITOG).
  • Fellowships to commence February 2020 or June 2020

Trainees wishing to apply for pilot STIG:

  • Applications for the two pilot STIGs will be advertised in Autumn 2019. Applicants must be pre CCT. As these are pilot TIGs at this stage, trainees will need to apply for a period of out of programme training (OOPT). Application forms will be available on the JCST web site https://www.jcst.org/training-interface-groups and on the BASS, SBNS and UKSSB web sites.
  • Competitive interviews will be held in Sept/October 2019, administered by the Severn Deanery.
  • Two successful applicants will be selected. They will select from the list of suitable centres where they wish to undertake their fellowship. This part of the process will be undertaken under the supervision of the STIG committee, and with the guidance of the STIG committee.
  • Fellowships are planned to commence in February 2020. The possibility exists to defer to June 2020 if required.
  • Fellows will be expected to undertake feedback on the fellowships as well as participating in the quality assessment process of the fellowships. They will also be expected to complete successfully all assessments as outlined by the JCST.
  • At the end of the fellowships, a report on the fellowships will be submitted to the STIG committee.

Our aim is to establish training opportunities of the highest possible standard under the auspices of the Training Interface Group, combining the skills of our two parent specialties – Neurosurgery and Trauma & Orthopaedic surgery.

The committee are very happy to answer any questions on the process or the fellowships.


Niall Eames
Chair Spinal Training Interface Group Committee [email protected]

Damiano Barone BNTA
James Berwin BOTA
Stuart Blagg / Sashin Ahuja BASS
Peter Whitfield SAC/SBNS
Pat Kiely SAC
Aprajay Golash SBNS
Jonathan Lucas BSS

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