Presentation from Dr Andrew Collier (National JDC Co-­‐Chair) regarding the current
contractual amendments proposed by the Doctors and Dentists Review Board (DDRB). Full
details at : Junior and consultant contract negotiations
A lengthy discussion regarding the perceived ineffectiveness of the BMA Communications
department to crack the mainstream media. Importance of ‘humanising’ doctors after all
are we not entitled to a family and private life as well?

Major message: the BMAJDC are powerless WITHOUT its membership support. If we want
to effect change all of us need to email the BMAJDC for them to take forward that all junior
doctors reject the proposed contract negotiation.

The BMAJDC have subsequently voted not to re-­‐enter negotiations as this would have
involved accepting the proposals but negotiating their impact on a point by point basis. The
BMA are working hard on this and need your support.

More to follow