BOTA Policies

Parties enquiring about advertising should be directed to our rate card.

In the interest of fairness to those who pay for advertising, we have a strict policy regarding discounts. In particular, discounts shall not be permitted purely on the grounds of a working or commercial relationship with individuals running a course.

The criteria for offering discounted advertising are:

– An advert that will run for three or more consecutive months may be offered a discount of approx 15%. Multiple consecutive ads for the same course shall normally be allowed under this rule.

– Courses that offer a discount exclusively to BOTA members shall be given a discount in proportion to the discount offered to our members. This provision shall not apply to courses that have a notionally high price which is available at a discount through other means.

– Not-for-profit courses that offer a clear benefit to trainees, and which are not sponsored by industry, may be allowed a discount at the discretion of the committee.

Delivery policy

Our booking process is now entirely paperless. You will receive email confirmation immediately, at the time of your booking. Your conference pack will be available for collection on the first day of the Conference.

We do not usually need to post anything to you. We may need to contact you by email to confirm your booking details. For this reason, please ensure that you give a valid email address when purchasing through Google Checkout.

Cancellation policy

If you have booked a place at the BOTA Annual Conference, and you wish to cancel, you must do so at least 28 days before the first day of the Conference.

If you cancel before this deadline you will receive a full refund minus an administration fee of £10.

No fees will be refunded for any cancellations received after the deadline. We are unable to make exceptions to this rule.

We may cancel the event at any time on giving at least 28 days’ notice for any reason in which case we will refund ALL fees. In such event a refund will be the extent of our obligation to you.

Mass email (defined as email sent to all, or a large group of members), should be avoided as a rule.

We send a regular e-newsletter to all members, 2 weeks after every committee meeting (with a draft available 1 week after the meeting). This should be sufficient to keep members informed. Members may opt out of receiving the e-newsletter via an option on the BOTA site.

Additional mail may be an annoyance. More importantly, if we send frequent mails, members will get used to ignoring them, which diminishes the impact of our other communications.

In particular, we should not normally distribute third-party surveys (or links to surveys) to our membership by email.

Exceptions to this rule shall be made only if decided by majority committee vote. Such decisions shall be made on a case-by-case basis.

How to claim expenses

  1. All claims must be made using expense claim form EC5 (to be found at the bottom of this section). Please do not use any older versions of the form. Expenses will not be paid if the form is not completed.
  2. Paper receipts should be photographed or scanned to JPEG or PDF. A cameraphone photo is sufficient, provided that the receipt is legible. Please keep file sizes small (under 1MB). If you have multiple receipts, please attach them all to the same email.

About digital signatures

  1. Claimants must digitally sign the form using the free Adobe Reader application (available for PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad platforms). Creating a digital signature is a 5-minute job that only needs to be done once.
  2. If you are having trouble, this article may be helpful: signing a document in Adobe Reader. Alternatively you can print the form out, sign it and scan it!
  3. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.
  4. After the form is signed, it cannot be edited further.

BOTA expenses policy


  1. The most efficient or cost effective method should be used for all travel taking advantage of discounts and low fares where available.
  2. Claims for taxi fares and parking costs must be accompanied by a receipt. Where taxis are taken from train stations or airports near the meeting venue, please plan to share a taxi with another committee member wherever possible.
  3. First class rail travel may be claimed only if advance tickets are purchased, and if cost is comparable to a walk-up standard fare.
  4. Air travel is permissible if the distance travelled is over 300 miles, or where road or rail travel is geographically impossible (e.g. Northern Ireland to England).
  5. Car mileage claimed should be for the fastest route between your home postcode and meeting venue postcode as calculated using Google Maps. It is assumed that you will be making a return journey. The current mileage rate is 40p per mile (all engine sizes).


  1. All claims for rooms will be reimbursed based on receipts. Subsistence is not payable unless specifically agreed in advance.
  2. Overnight stays should only be undertaken in the following circumstances:
    – When a member needs to attend meetings on successive days and it would be unreasonable to expect a daily journey between home and the meeting, or
    – When it would be necessary for a member to leave home before 6.00am, or arrive back at home later than 11.30pm in order to attend a meeting.
  3. When the committee attends a meeting together the Treasurer will be responsible for block-booking the requisite number of rooms.
  4. Rooms should be booked as far in advance as possible in order to obtain the best rate.
  5. The standard of hotel should not exceed that of an economy business hotel (e.g. Travel Lodge/ Premier Inn etc) unless for a specific reason agreed with the treasurer prior to booking.
  6. Members will not be expected to share rooms.


  1. Committee members will be compensated only for expenses which are wholly, necessarily and exclusively incurred for BOTA activities.
  2. All items for which claims are made must be accompanied by receipts or invoices. The travel ticket is acceptable if the price is printed on the ticket.
  3. All claims should be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than six weeks after the meeting claimed for. The Treasurer may approve late claims in exceptional circumstances only.
  4. Locum costs will not be covered.