How to join

How to Join

Joining BOTA is easy. If you are a member of the BOA, at any level from Medical Student to ST8 you are automatically a member of BOTA!

You can also apply to be a member of BOTA only without needing to be a member of the BOA.

Note medical students can only apply for BOA membership.

1) If you are a registrar…..

  • Trainees with national training number (NTN) – ST1-8 Scotland, ST3-8 England/Wales/NI
    • Apply as a BOA member (membership fee varies depending on grade) here
    • Apply as a BOTA only member here

2) If you are a Foundation Doctor / Core Trainee…

  • Foundation Doctors – apply as a Foundation Doctor member for £10/year on the BOA website here
  • Core Surgical trainees
    • Apply to become a CT1-CT2 member for  £154/year BOA member here
    • Apply as a BOTA member only for £….. /year here

3) If you are a medical student….

  • Apply as a medical student member for £10/year on the BOA website here.