Open to doctors in any stage of training
The national Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme is seeking volunteers to take part in their audit on surgical site infections (SSIs). In return, contributors will be:

·        Named as contributors in a national report.

·        Named contributors and citable via PubMed (if more than 20 cases collected) in any resultant journal publications that may arise from the audit, with the remaining collaborators acknowledged for their contributions.

·        Given a certificate of participation. 

·        Provided opportunities and supported in local and/or regional presentations.

·        Invited to present at local GIRFT trust visits

·        Top contributors and participants will be invited to present or showcase their work at the annual NHS Improvement Operational Productivity Directorate national meeting.


The GIRFT SSI audit is supported by the Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies, NHS Improvement and Public Health England. It has been established to:

1.      Identify the surgical site infection rates of specific procedures within key surgical specialties

2.      Assess local practice in the prevention of surgical site infection for the specified procedures



·        Participants act as local trust leads in charge of data collection and submission for a surgical specialty of interest.

·        Prospective and retrospective collection of SSI cases between 8 May and 31 Oct 2017. 

·        Data for the period 1 Nov 2016 and 31 Oct 2017 to be collected (may involve review of 20 to 150 cases per specialty, subject to local infection rates). 

This audit will be the largest trainee-led audit of its kind and the results will draw national interest and have significant clinical impact.
To get involved, register your interest via 
Registration opens 21 April 2017, closes midnight (BST) 1 May 2017.
For any enquiries, email 
[email protected].