Health Foundation, London

BOTA/BONE were invited to attend this inaugural event held at the Health Foundation, to meet the leaders of other quality-improvement (QI) initiatives. Attendees included DAPS (Doctors Advancing Patient Safety), Q-Initiative, BMJ Quality, Collaborative QI, SIPS (Staff Improving Patient Safety), and Fellows from the Health Foundation. The aim of the event was to get to know what each of the groups is contributing to QI in the UK, and share knowledge/learning points, in a bid to facilitate greater national support for frontline QI.

This proved a good opportunity to showcase BONE, as an example of a collaborative group who’ve carried out multi-centre studies. The ethos behind BOTA and BONE was discussed, as well as the methodology behind data collection for the Lost Tribe and POTS audits. The data from the Lost Tribe audit was presented at the event, which sparked discussion about opportunities available for further collaboration to go forward to help implement changes, based on the data generated.

The hope is to run a number of further collaborative events throughout the year.