Attention Aspiring Trauma Surgeons
Major Trauma Centre TIG Fellowships

I am just writing to give you all an update of the new pre-CCT fellowship- the Major Trauma Centre TIG Fellowship.

There has been confirmation of 5 HEE funded Major Trauma TIG fellowships with the possibility of 2 further posts that may be funded by the military.  There are going to be two principle streams- the ‘Resuscitative Surgeon’ (which will principally be interesting to vascular and general surgeons because of the competencies required and the skills to be acquired) and the ‘Major Trauma Consultant’ which will be of interest to T&O trainees who wish to work in an MTC and that will be concerned with the delivery and coordination of care to the severely injured in an MTC.  There is an anticipation that there will be front loading of the Resuscitative arm. i.e. 4:1 or similar.

The curriculum is soon to be submitted to the ‘interested parties’ and there is an intention to have hospitals selected based on application in the next 6-12 months, with adverts for posts going out in July 2017, interviews for Trainees in October 2017 with a view to the first Fellows starting in February 2018.  (I appreciate this is fairly tight hence the very early warning for something that will probably only affect 1o 2 trainees in T&O)

Please get in touch If there are any queries or questions and  I will do my best to answer them.

Mike Butler

[email protected]