Dear Fellow Members,

I am humbled and privileged to write to each of you to primarily thank you for your continued support of BOTA and to open the doors for greater inclusion of its membership into the inner workings of our association.

Over the years, BOTA has led numerous creative projects that have been to the benefit of trainees. These projects have historically been chosen and conducted by your elected BOTA president and committee.

This year’s committee are brimming with ideas and innovative projects that we believe will improve training and extracurricular opportunities within our specialty. However, I believe that the principle mission of the BOTA committee should be to represent its member’s views and drive forward change that reflects your training needs and expectations.

With this is mind, your association is waiting to hear where you would like us to take BOTA during 2018. Do you have an idea for a project or perhaps there is a wider training issue you would like to see tackled? Now is your opportunity to help steer change.

We welcome and encourage you to contribute to the focus of BOTA 2018 by clicking here to complete a brief form. Even if you do not have a specific project idea, there are a number of themes to choose from to help us know what is important to you.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the BOTA Committee to wish each of you a lovely Christmas and a great New Year, especially those who will be spending the holidays working. Many of you will have exams to pass, research to complete and other personal goals that will require your attention. We wish you all the best with each of these and know that your committee is here should you need a helping hand along the way.

Kindest regards


Vitty Bucknall
President of BOTA